Monday, January 6, 2014

Weight loss journey

So here I am again it a new 2014 and one of goals for this year is to loss some weight and eat every year! But I will say between 2012 and 2013 I worked hard on cleaning up out eating and found we can do well eating a 80/20 paleo diet. Paleo diet is the caveman diet no grains and no dairy. We are not 100% paleo and there are days we are not paleo at all due to events going on in our lives at that given time. I have maintained most of the weight I lost while pregnant with CC. I have only gained about 10lbs back of the 30lb lost and I am still at 40lbs over all since 2012. I did have a bloat gain over the holidays and most of that is gone! I have also been medication free for the past 3 months for my Type 2 diabetes. I am hope to stay that way! So this year I want to focus on exercise. I have decided to give BeachBody T25 a try. I am doing along with a challenge group for 60days. I am hoping that being part of a group will help stay motivated and make this a lifestyle change! Here is the before pictures:
Okay time to get started and put day one on the books!