Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Valentine's Day Flowers

My hubby is not a flower giving kind of person so I decided to make myself a pretty arrangement.

I used some Fancy Pants chipboard flower and Basic Grey paper I found in my stash. On a side note I am challenging myself to use my stash before I buy new scrappy goodies. The only things I had to buy was the flower pot and a foam half circle to hold the flowers.

I then traced and cut out stems and flower from the Basic Grey paper. I also hand cut some paper for decorating the flower pot. I then used my Xyron sticker to turn the paper in stickers and covered the chipboard.

Here is the finished project!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

8 years ago

8 years ago today we lost a awesome women....My mom!

I still can't believe it has be 8 years. It feels like yesterday she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and a host of other medical problems. She was diagnosed for less then a month and didn't even make it to her first treatment when she passed away.

Although I am sad that she is not here with us or gets to share in her grandson or see how James and I have been blossomed into 2 pretty awesome people if I do say so myself ;). I decided to share a few Fran facts and pictures!

She always had to have big fish dinner on Christmas and she believed she was the best Italian cook ever!

She loved stuffing spinach ravioli's(real good) on New Years Eve(the only time she drank well maybe the second time sometimes the Fuzzy Nuvals got her at the block parties) after a bottle or two or 3 of champagne and at some point break the leaf in the dinning room table and then have my dad throw her in a cold shower to sober her up.

She always sat in the first pew at church on Sunday but halfway down the block on the walk home she was cursing like a trucker and blaming James and I.

Oh and anyone who knew her would tell you she was a Oldies music nut and the only channel aloud in the car was 101.1 the New York oldies station or any other one she could find if we were out of range or we had to endure her tape collection.

She was loved by so many and we were truly touched at her memorial mass back in Brooklyn at the packed house that was there and by all that drove to Delaware to her funeral.

We love you mom! Thanks for being out angel in heaven!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Making something new out of something used

We have started giving Ty money for his chores. We are talking pennies,nickles, dimes and quarters for exceptional work.

I was throwing out a Crystal Light container and an idea hit me.....I can make Ty a special bank to hold his change for the week. Next I went to my stash to see if I had anything boyish and I did! Well I wasn't to surprised I have a large stash that I need to use!

So here is how I turned something new out of something used.


Cosmo Cricket pattern paper used

Measure the container...cut....then glue to container

All glued

Glue elements together...I used alpha and shapes that come with the Cosmo Cricket kit.

Finish project

I cut a hole at the top so I change can be dropped in.

Thanks for looking!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Day 2 of the New Year

It feels really good to just hang out with the family this weekend!

The hubs is on call all weekend so we are sticking close to home. So we are working on things around the house.

We hung a chalk board organizer thing I got at Goodwill a few months back for like $5. It was white, which wouldn't work in hall, so I spray painted it black.

Here is a picture of the final set up.

Then I wanted Matt to hang 3 canvases I got last year. The canvases are 3 prints of the amazing pictures my friend Kristen took for us.

Here is a picture of them up!

Thanks for reading!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Wow 2010 has come to a close and we are at day 1 2011. I have been milling over what my word is going to be this year. I have had a few ideas but I settled on 2 words that go together follow through .

I am have to get better with my follow through on several fronts.

I am going follow through on my business. I am going to be a rep to my customers and to myself. So I can contribute more to the household finances.

I am going follow through on getting more help for me with my dad. I need more help with dad it is getting harder for me to take care of dad alone. Ty wants to do more things and we want to add to our family and in order today that I need more help.

I am going to follow through with the budget I have come up for us. Since I pay the bills I need to get better at manging our money and put more away so we can some cash put aside for things that may pop up with the house or if we would like to take a vacation.

I am going to follow through on getting my weight down and get healthy so we can expand our family. I am going to stick to my work out schedule and head back to Weight Watchers. I think that the new plan Weight Watchers has come up with is going to work for me!

I am sure I will add other things to this list as the year goes on.

Thanks for reading!

Hope you have a Happy New Year!