Saturday, December 31, 2011

Recap of 2011


Tyler turned 5 and we had a big bowling Birthday party! He had a blast and said it was the best Birthday ever!


Hung around the house and Tyler enjoyed making Valentine's for his classmates.


Matt and I celebrated 7 yrs of material bliss!


Dad turned 69 and Matt turn 33. We celebrated with their favorite cakes and foods on their big days!

Dad head to Ireland for to spend the summer with his brothers.


Started prepping for the summer ahead!


Spent a wonderful week in Topsail, NC with great friends! Ty loved it some much he keeps asking when are going back.

Ty played tball and had great fun!


Lots of pool days!

Ty went to a great day camp called Safety Town where they teach the kids about safety from crossing the street to stranger danger. He had a great time with his friends at the camp.


Ty went to his second camp of the summer and he had a great time!

Spent a week in Rehoboth Beach!

Pool Days!

Matt spend 2 weeks in VA with the Wildland Firefighting crew.

I turn 31!

I painted the dinning room all by myself.

Crazy weather!

Ty started Kindergarten!!!!

Busy month!


Dad came home from Ireland!

Started Christmas shopping!

Started a part-time job!

Visited the local orchard a few time for their yummy apples!


Fun day out at a local orchard with a few of my cousins!

Went to a fab wedding for you great people!

Halloween trick or treat with great friends!


Finally Ty started to adjust to all the changes that went along with Kindergarten!

More Christmas shopping!

Got Kenny Chesney tickets for June!



The month of family parties! So great to see everyone and celebrate!

Matt and I got to go out one night kid free and sleep in the next day!


Tonight we are going to say go bye to 2011 and moving into 2012!

I hope everyone had a great 2012 and it is full of great things for all of us!

Saturday, November 26, 2011


We had a great Thanksgiving!

We hosted Matt's parents for the day and I did the cooking.

We had turkey and all the trimmings and a great time hanging out and going over the Black Friday ads not that any of us were going to do any shopping Black Friday. Too many crazy people for me.

Here is a picture of our feast(as Ty calls it).

It was all very yummy and we will be eating the leftovers for days!

Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

November is here.......

and I have so much to be thankful this month!

I have posted something I am thankful everyday for the past 13days on Facebook. I am proud I have stuck to posting and hope to continue to remember to post what I am thankful for each day.

Here are a few of the things I have been thankful so far.

My dad.....I am thankful I have him after he almost died 5.5yrs ago. Some days it is a lot of work having to take care of him but I wouldn't change it. He smiles everyday when he sees Tyler.

The Internet....It has given he the ability to connect with so many be people from my past and stay in touch with people all over the country.

My family....I love that I have family close by and I have family in fun places I get to visit!

Matt's parents.....They are always willing to take Tyler for a few days when need some Matt and Trish time!

My son....I love him so much! He amazes me everyday and I love watching him grow!

My husband....I love him so much! He is always there for me weather it be a hug, encouragement or a laugh.

I am leaving you with this years Christmas card photo. Its not perfect but it is who we are!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Stuck in the MIDDLE

So this week I was every much stuck in the middle. Meaning my membership to the sandwich generation was in full force.

Dad wake me up at about 4:15am on Tuesday morning with serve stomach cramping, chest pains and I will spare you the other deals...think stomach flu times 10. He ASKED to go to the hospital, which he never does or will ask unless he really needs thinks he needs to go. So with the request and his history of heart attack and stroke off the ER we go. After being there for about 2 hours the ER doc decide dad needed to stay but because they weren't sure what was going on with the GI thing he need a isolation room...meaning longer wait for a room.

This also happened to fall on the day of Tyler's first field trip(to the local Apple Orchard). Tyler was all about me going with him on this field trip. Thank goodness Matt was able to take off and go on the field trip and Tyler understood I had to be with grandpa because he was sick. But it was so upsetting to me that I had to miss the field trip. I felt like I was letting my son down.

Sometimes it sucks being put in the middle!

Monday, October 10, 2011

First Day of Kindergarten

Tyler started Kindergarten at the end of August. I am still in shock he is even old enough to be in . It feels like yesterday he was a baby or a toddler running around discovering things for the first time.

He is pretty excited and scared all at the same time, even now 6 weeks into the school year he still gets weepy in the morning and tells me he is going to miss me while he is at school. But he knows I am going to be at the bus stop at the end of the day and he is armed with a few pictures of mommy and daddy.

Tomorrow is Tyler's first school field trip and I am going to chaperon! Ty and I are very excited!

Here are a few picture's from the first day of school!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

October All Ready? REALLY?

I just can't believe we are already 5 days in October! I feel like time is flying by so fast I can't keep up!

At the end of August Tyler started Kindergarten and he has been having a time adjusting to the long hours. He is gone from 7:45am to about 3:15pm everyday. He cries and then pukes just about every morning and then at the beginning he was crying almost 2 hours at night. I thought I was going to lose my mind. But we came up with a plan for snack and an earlier bedtime and that is helping with the afternoon and evening meltdowns. We are now trying to come up with a plan for the mornings. Other then the adjustment problems before and after school he is says he likes school and his teacher and seems to be doing well.

A few days after school started dad was scheduled to come home Sept 1st but that didn't happen. Then airline kicked dad off the flight because he was flying alone and couldn't use the bathroom on his own and he didn't have a companion. Which I called and asked if he need one and was lead to believe he didn't. So he went back to his brothers and spent a few more days with them since he and my uncle couldn't get a flight out until 4th of Sept. He is home now and we learned a lesson. So the next time he flies over someone will be flying with him. He seems happy to be home and enjoying his time with Tyler!

So now that things are starting to slow down. I am looking to get into a routine with keeping up with stuff around the house and spend more time meal planning so we better and save some money! I am also hoping to get back to growing my jewelry business and spent some time a the gym. I really do feel better after a good work out. Now all I need to do is to make sure I get back at it 3-4 days a week!

I am working on picking out some pics from the first day of school to post and hoping to post again soon!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Time Flies

Wow I guess it has been awhile since I got a chance to blog.

It feels like only yesterday I was writing the last one.

Where is this summer going????

We have been doing well! For our big vacation get away we went to Topsail, NC with friends of ours and had a blast. There kids and Tyler are around the same age and get along well so we like to take trip together when we can.

We stayed at a condo that had an outdoor and indoor pool and it was steps away from the surf and sand. We walked on the beach just about every night and swam in the pool everyday. Ty LOVED having the pool steps away for us. He LOVES going to the pool and swimming. We took a day to explore Wilmington, NC. We went to the Battleship NC, we found a train museum for Matt to see and then we spent sometime at the Children's museum of Wilmington. The kids had loved all 3 places and were well behaved!

We also decided that the couples will get a date night each! Matt and I went to this Mexican restaurant I discovered the day Kate and I went to the Day Spa for massages. Yes we also had a girls day at the spa and then the boys had a day to go golfing. It was nice to have time with friends and couple time. When we travel alone we never get that. We are looking forward to going back another year!
We have also been spending lots of time at the pool! It has been so hot here that it is the only place to get some relief for a few hours plus Ty gets to play with his friends without playing out in the heat.
I have also been busy scrapping away! It feels good to get some mojo back!
Dad is doing well in Ireland! I don't think he wants to come home. But all good things come to an end. I am currently looking to book him a flight home the last week of August. The same week the little man starts Kindergarten.......

Thanks for reading!

Monday, May 16, 2011

A Week Ago

One week ago I took my dad up to JFK Airport in NYC so he could board a plane to Ireland so he could spend some time with his brothers. His flight left at 950pm so I decided to spend the night with my bestie and then have spend Tuesday with her.

It was an easy drop off at the airport.....Dayna came with us so it made made even easier. I wasn't sure how I was going to push dad and pull the suitcase. Check in wasn't bad at lines!!!!

The hardest part was leaving at security and no being able to take him to the gate. But all went well!!!! Dad landed safely in Dublin and made it the 4 hours to Dongeal!I am planning on calling today to see how week one went! Hope they are having fun!

BUT I had a great girl's day with Dayna! Her sister came over and highlighted my hair and it looks fab!!!!! Thanks Lee!!!! Then Dayna and I got mani's and burgers at a yummy dinner! I can't wait to plan another girls day soon with Dayna! I miss living across the street from her!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Stuck in the MIDDLE

So as most people know I am a mom to a sweet, wonderful but sometimes a handful 5yr old and I am a caregiver to the most giving wonderful man( my dad) who survived a stroke almost 5 yrs ago.

It has not been an easy ride. There has been a lot of adjustments and a lot of tears. We have also had plenty of times that it makes it all worth it. There has been a few times I have thought to myself why am I doing this to myself and my family. Being sandwiched sucks!

I had one of the why am I doing this moments yesterday morning. My son who is not a sleeper slept until almost 9:30am unheard of in this house. My dad was yelling for me at 9:15am because I hadn't gotten him up, dressed and feed. I was so sad he didn't understand that this was a big moment for me and the hubs to sleep in. He was yelling and mad at me most of the day. I know he doesn't really understand and he is grumpier since the stroke but sometimes it just hurts.

I am really looking forward to the I am going to be getting a week from today. Dad is leaving next Monday to spend sometime with his brothers over in Ireland. We tried this out last summer and it worked well we are hoping this year will be be just as successful! I am greatful that dad's family in Ireland are give me this break. It is hard working caring for dad, taking care of a child and keeping up with the house. I know this is the "job" I decided was the right path 5 yrs ago and I wouldn't want to have it any other way because my dad has giving me so much and I love him very much.
But damn it sucks at times!

Thanks for reading my vent!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Birthday Fun!

On Tuesday my hubby turned 33 and I decided to get some cupcakes from I also planned a special dinner of filet mignon, baked potato and broccoli.

So the night before I decided I was going to make a mini banner that said Happy Birthday! I was a bit nervous since I have never attempted one before. But all went smoothly since I have a Circut and I was able to cut all the shapes out in no time! I loved the way it turned out and I can't wait to use it again!

Here are few pictures! Please excuse the cupcake mess the FEDEX guy can walking up to my door with the package side ways so the icing shifted.

Thanks for taking a peek!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Blood work

So I have been feeling all out of whack the past few weeks and I have been frustrated with the stalled weight loss progress. So I decided to switch doctors and find out what is going on with me.

LOVE, LOVE the practice I switched to. It is where I take my dad and the all the staff is awesome! So I was sent for blood work to see is it was my blood sugar cause these problems(long family history of diabetes and I was diagnosed with Type 2 in late 2009). Well the results are in and it is my blood sugar. It was 140 fasting not good!!!!

So I am on meds and I am watching my sugar/carb intake and I found a great website with a message board! I am going to get this under control and I am going to get healthy!

Now where did I put my glucose meter???

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011

It has been a busy few months! I hope to catch up on the goings on but today I am going to focus on Easter!

Last Sunday we went to my cousins in PA for Palm Sunday brunch and egg hunt for the kids. I was great seeing my family and watch the next generation of cousins play! I forgot my camera so no pictures for that event. Then we were off to egg hunt number 2 of the day. It was a Fundraiser for Molly and her family. I was so awesome to see so many families come out and support Molly and her family! I think this is going to be an awesome event for years to come!

Saturday we colored Eggs and Ty had a blast! He got a kick out of some of the eggs having our names on them!

A few pictures of the egg dying.

Sunday was Easter! Ty was excited for the Bunny. I think he was thinking Christmas morning but I told him it was a very scaled down Christmas morning. SO up at 6am and downstairs we go and Ty was very happy the Lego's and Lighting McQueen beach chair. The we had an indoor egg hunt and he was pleased with the jelly beans and money that were in the eggs! He loved getting monies! He is saving for a Lego Space Shuttle!

Here are a few pictures from yesterday. They were taken with my cell phone so they are not great.

Thanks for taking a peak into our lives! I am hoping to update more!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Tyler turned 5

My little man turned 5 on Jan 23rd. I can't believe he is 5 already! I really don't know how that happened. It feels like yesterday he was born and now he is a few months away from going to Kindergarden.

Here is his hospital picture.

He has always been so bright eyed and ready to go!

Here is a picture from his 5 Birthday party.

He wanted a Bowling Birthday party. So we spent 2 hours at the bowling alley with friends and family and it was a blast. Ty said it was the best Birthday EVER!

LOVED hearing him saying that! Love him so much!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Pretty Paper

I decieded a few weeks ago I since I have been using my scrapbooking stash a lot that I needed some new paper so I order the Echo Park Valentine's line and I have been having so much fun with it!

So far I have created 3 layouts and a card!

It felt great to create with some new goodies!

Thanks for taking a peek!


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Valentine's Day Flowers

My hubby is not a flower giving kind of person so I decided to make myself a pretty arrangement.

I used some Fancy Pants chipboard flower and Basic Grey paper I found in my stash. On a side note I am challenging myself to use my stash before I buy new scrappy goodies. The only things I had to buy was the flower pot and a foam half circle to hold the flowers.

I then traced and cut out stems and flower from the Basic Grey paper. I also hand cut some paper for decorating the flower pot. I then used my Xyron sticker to turn the paper in stickers and covered the chipboard.

Here is the finished project!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

8 years ago

8 years ago today we lost a awesome women....My mom!

I still can't believe it has be 8 years. It feels like yesterday she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and a host of other medical problems. She was diagnosed for less then a month and didn't even make it to her first treatment when she passed away.

Although I am sad that she is not here with us or gets to share in her grandson or see how James and I have been blossomed into 2 pretty awesome people if I do say so myself ;). I decided to share a few Fran facts and pictures!

She always had to have big fish dinner on Christmas and she believed she was the best Italian cook ever!

She loved stuffing spinach ravioli's(real good) on New Years Eve(the only time she drank well maybe the second time sometimes the Fuzzy Nuvals got her at the block parties) after a bottle or two or 3 of champagne and at some point break the leaf in the dinning room table and then have my dad throw her in a cold shower to sober her up.

She always sat in the first pew at church on Sunday but halfway down the block on the walk home she was cursing like a trucker and blaming James and I.

Oh and anyone who knew her would tell you she was a Oldies music nut and the only channel aloud in the car was 101.1 the New York oldies station or any other one she could find if we were out of range or we had to endure her tape collection.

She was loved by so many and we were truly touched at her memorial mass back in Brooklyn at the packed house that was there and by all that drove to Delaware to her funeral.

We love you mom! Thanks for being out angel in heaven!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Making something new out of something used

We have started giving Ty money for his chores. We are talking pennies,nickles, dimes and quarters for exceptional work.

I was throwing out a Crystal Light container and an idea hit me.....I can make Ty a special bank to hold his change for the week. Next I went to my stash to see if I had anything boyish and I did! Well I wasn't to surprised I have a large stash that I need to use!

So here is how I turned something new out of something used.


Cosmo Cricket pattern paper used

Measure the container...cut....then glue to container

All glued

Glue elements together...I used alpha and shapes that come with the Cosmo Cricket kit.

Finish project

I cut a hole at the top so I change can be dropped in.

Thanks for looking!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Day 2 of the New Year

It feels really good to just hang out with the family this weekend!

The hubs is on call all weekend so we are sticking close to home. So we are working on things around the house.

We hung a chalk board organizer thing I got at Goodwill a few months back for like $5. It was white, which wouldn't work in hall, so I spray painted it black.

Here is a picture of the final set up.

Then I wanted Matt to hang 3 canvases I got last year. The canvases are 3 prints of the amazing pictures my friend Kristen took for us.

Here is a picture of them up!

Thanks for reading!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Wow 2010 has come to a close and we are at day 1 2011. I have been milling over what my word is going to be this year. I have had a few ideas but I settled on 2 words that go together follow through .

I am have to get better with my follow through on several fronts.

I am going follow through on my business. I am going to be a rep to my customers and to myself. So I can contribute more to the household finances.

I am going follow through on getting more help for me with my dad. I need more help with dad it is getting harder for me to take care of dad alone. Ty wants to do more things and we want to add to our family and in order today that I need more help.

I am going to follow through with the budget I have come up for us. Since I pay the bills I need to get better at manging our money and put more away so we can some cash put aside for things that may pop up with the house or if we would like to take a vacation.

I am going to follow through on getting my weight down and get healthy so we can expand our family. I am going to stick to my work out schedule and head back to Weight Watchers. I think that the new plan Weight Watchers has come up with is going to work for me!

I am sure I will add other things to this list as the year goes on.

Thanks for reading!

Hope you have a Happy New Year!