Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Ultimate Reset is Complete!

I can not believe these past 3 weeks have flown by!

I also can not believe I completed this program.

I was scared that I was going to start and then give up since it is such a detailed and regimented program. But I found the opposite true. Having it all laid out for me made it totally doable and I also had the support of a group of other coaches and challengers doing this with me at the same time. I needed that support and accountability. It was nice to have people to listen and chat with about what was going on with myself during these past three weeks. My husband and family were also a huge support! I could have done it without them having my back as well!

I was never hungry and the recipes rocked! I am planning on using a lot of the recipes again and share them with my family. I love that this program was so rich in food and not about starving or drinking just shakes. I am a type 2 Diabetic and I need to eat! Through out these three weeks I monitored my blood sugars and they were always in a good range. I also had my blood pressure taken at my monthly doctors appoint for my Diabetes and it was perfect. something that was slowly creeping up even with exercise.

Week one meals.

Through these three weeks I felt great. I had lots of energy and had some self growth. I had some stressful days and I was able to deal with those without turning to food. I by no means was always perfect on the Reset. I had a few things that were not approved but I did not over do it. I did not eat a excess. I tasted and moved on. That is huge for me! Food has always been crutch and now I see food as fuel not something to help cope with the crazy of my life.

So here are the results 11 lbs and 13 inches are gone!

Now to submit my results to Beachbody and see about my free tshirt for completing this program!

Thanks for reading and all the support over the past 3 weeks!!!