Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Coming up for air

WOW it is the middle of September already!

Things have been a little crazy with summer ending, school starting and dad coming home.

We had a great summer with lots of fun trips and great memories.

School started on time for Ty and he seems to really like the new school and teachers!

Dad came home Sept 8th and it is great having him home! I think he missed Matt and I but I think he missed Ty more.

With all the adjusting over I am in full swing Jewelry Party mode for the fall! I am looking forward to a good sales quarter! I have a ton of motivation for a Seminar I went to at the end of August and I am LOVING the coaching I am getting!

Most of all I am starting to feel a balance between being a stay at home mom/caregiver, business owner and most of I have put crafting back into my life. Creating really helps me let of the maddness and focus on making something beautiful. That had been missing for almost two years but the creative MOJO is back!

Thanks for reading!

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