Sunday, January 16, 2011

8 years ago

8 years ago today we lost a awesome women....My mom!

I still can't believe it has be 8 years. It feels like yesterday she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and a host of other medical problems. She was diagnosed for less then a month and didn't even make it to her first treatment when she passed away.

Although I am sad that she is not here with us or gets to share in her grandson or see how James and I have been blossomed into 2 pretty awesome people if I do say so myself ;). I decided to share a few Fran facts and pictures!

She always had to have big fish dinner on Christmas and she believed she was the best Italian cook ever!

She loved stuffing spinach ravioli's(real good) on New Years Eve(the only time she drank well maybe the second time sometimes the Fuzzy Nuvals got her at the block parties) after a bottle or two or 3 of champagne and at some point break the leaf in the dinning room table and then have my dad throw her in a cold shower to sober her up.

She always sat in the first pew at church on Sunday but halfway down the block on the walk home she was cursing like a trucker and blaming James and I.

Oh and anyone who knew her would tell you she was a Oldies music nut and the only channel aloud in the car was 101.1 the New York oldies station or any other one she could find if we were out of range or we had to endure her tape collection.

She was loved by so many and we were truly touched at her memorial mass back in Brooklyn at the packed house that was there and by all that drove to Delaware to her funeral.

We love you mom! Thanks for being out angel in heaven!


  1. a lovely tribute. I know she would be proud of you...

  2. Yes indeed, sounds like my kind of lady. These are great memories to keep. Its the stuff you need to tell your own grandchildren some day. Take care, Trish.