Friday, October 14, 2011

Stuck in the MIDDLE

So this week I was every much stuck in the middle. Meaning my membership to the sandwich generation was in full force.

Dad wake me up at about 4:15am on Tuesday morning with serve stomach cramping, chest pains and I will spare you the other deals...think stomach flu times 10. He ASKED to go to the hospital, which he never does or will ask unless he really needs thinks he needs to go. So with the request and his history of heart attack and stroke off the ER we go. After being there for about 2 hours the ER doc decide dad needed to stay but because they weren't sure what was going on with the GI thing he need a isolation room...meaning longer wait for a room.

This also happened to fall on the day of Tyler's first field trip(to the local Apple Orchard). Tyler was all about me going with him on this field trip. Thank goodness Matt was able to take off and go on the field trip and Tyler understood I had to be with grandpa because he was sick. But it was so upsetting to me that I had to miss the field trip. I felt like I was letting my son down.

Sometimes it sucks being put in the middle!

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