Saturday, December 31, 2011

Recap of 2011


Tyler turned 5 and we had a big bowling Birthday party! He had a blast and said it was the best Birthday ever!


Hung around the house and Tyler enjoyed making Valentine's for his classmates.


Matt and I celebrated 7 yrs of material bliss!


Dad turned 69 and Matt turn 33. We celebrated with their favorite cakes and foods on their big days!

Dad head to Ireland for to spend the summer with his brothers.


Started prepping for the summer ahead!


Spent a wonderful week in Topsail, NC with great friends! Ty loved it some much he keeps asking when are going back.

Ty played tball and had great fun!


Lots of pool days!

Ty went to a great day camp called Safety Town where they teach the kids about safety from crossing the street to stranger danger. He had a great time with his friends at the camp.


Ty went to his second camp of the summer and he had a great time!

Spent a week in Rehoboth Beach!

Pool Days!

Matt spend 2 weeks in VA with the Wildland Firefighting crew.

I turn 31!

I painted the dinning room all by myself.

Crazy weather!

Ty started Kindergarten!!!!

Busy month!


Dad came home from Ireland!

Started Christmas shopping!

Started a part-time job!

Visited the local orchard a few time for their yummy apples!


Fun day out at a local orchard with a few of my cousins!

Went to a fab wedding for you great people!

Halloween trick or treat with great friends!


Finally Ty started to adjust to all the changes that went along with Kindergarten!

More Christmas shopping!

Got Kenny Chesney tickets for June!



The month of family parties! So great to see everyone and celebrate!

Matt and I got to go out one night kid free and sleep in the next day!


Tonight we are going to say go bye to 2011 and moving into 2012!

I hope everyone had a great 2012 and it is full of great things for all of us!

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