Sunday, January 15, 2012

New Toy

One of my Christmas presents this year was a sewing machine. I really, really wanted one. We had one growing up and I remember my mom using it once or twice but never really used it myself. So I decided in 2012 I wanted to learn something new and SEWING was what I wanted to learn to do.

Matt was encouraging of this new endeavor by buying me my first sewing machine! He asked his mom for advice since she is an expert in this area since she has been a quilter for years.

So here is new baby!

I have already taken a basic sewing class at the local Joann's Fabric store with a friend who also got a sewing machine for Christmas.

Here is the project from that class.

Since the pillow cover were so easy to make I have since had several more as seen in this picture!

My next project I want to try is sewing curtains for our living room! Now to find the perfect fabric on sale!

Thanks for stopping by!

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