Friday, December 13, 2013

Getting crafty again

Pinterest has excited my crafty side to back out to play! I decided if I was going to take the time to look up and pin things I should at least try some of the many things I pin. So some have been fails but they have been fun to try. Here are a few of the successes. First one is photo's mounted to canvases. Here is the pin I got the idea from I am planning on using these canvases as ornaments. They weren't hard to make at all. I had some Instagram pictures printed and I picked up 3x3 canvases from the craft store and then broke out the MOD podge. I coated the canvas and centered the picture on the canvas( I had to trim the picture even though it was 3x3. I let that dry for a bit then I coated the canvas. The instructions in the pin I followed said to use acrylic paint for the sides but I used a Sharpie paint marker and they paint dried faster then the acrylic paint. I am planning on making some 8x10's of pictures I took in Ireland for my dads room (he's from there)for Christmas. This next one is a canvas with melted crayons. I showed this pin as a possible teacher gift and he wanted to make it for his art teacher. It was a great project to do with him(he's 7.5). He had fun using the heat gun to melt the crayons! I am planning on adding a quote to the bottom. Final one for right now is this pin. Love the idea of designing my own mug with a Sharpie. I made this for a friend for her gift. I think I got the idea for "wish this was wine" from another pin but I couldn't find the pin to link it. Thanks for stopping by!

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