Sunday, June 20, 2010

Another month has gone by

Wow I can't believe another month has gone by and I have been a bad blogger.

So what has been going on the last month.

I was busy the last part of May packing up the whole family for our first international trip. That's right the whole family. We took dad over to Ireland to spend the summer with his brother.

So lots of calls to airline to make sure things were set up my dad. Since he can't walk we had to make special arrangements to get him on and off the plane. It was much easier then I thought it would be and we had tons of help getting on and off the plane and getting around the airport and customs.

Once on the ground in Dublin and got all our bags(just under 10 bags; carry ons included) we met my uncle and cousin at the airport and started our 4 hour drive to Killybegs(the town my dad is from). We stopped had lunch at the halfway point and then piled back in the car for the last leg of our journey.

Finally we arrived at my uncles and greeting the rest of his family. I went and took a nap after being up over 30+ hours this mama needed to see the back of her eyelids. The nap was refreshing and then we started to settle in for our 8 days visit.

There was a revolving door of family coming and going to visit with us and dad. We also took some day trips to different tourist sites around the area. All and all it was great spending some time with the family those 8 days.

Then we were off to Dublin for 2 days. We tour Dublin by city bus and stopped at the Zoo and Guinness for a drink for mom and dad!

We are looking forward to our next trip to Ireland!

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