Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Social Anxiety

This week I signed Ty up for VBS(vacation bible school) at one of the local Churches. I have big plans to paint, work out and plan my Sterling Vault sale coming(as soon as I plan it).

Ty did great the first two days walked right in and came out those days talking about how much fun he had.

Well today he was a little teary when I was dropping him off. I told him I would be back at noon and that after I picked him we were going to go swimming. He said okay mommy. I leave head to the gym. I get on the bike for 15 mins and then headed for Body Pump. So as I setting for BP my cell phone rings and it the VBS. Ty wants to talk to me. He says he misses me and whats me to get him. I put my stuff away and go and get him. He was fine when I got there so I think I am going to try again tomorrow.

I have been trying to get him out of his social anxiety. When he first started going to preschool he would cry and cry. Then he started getting sick when we walked into the classroom. This whole thing stresses me out because I want him to have fun and enjoy the fun he can having at school or at VBS. I also have a lot of work planned to get done during these weeks of camp. Like setting up extra help for me with dad when he gets back. Working on getting a better grip on working my two businesses and the balance of keeping up the house.

SO I am going to try again tomorrow and I am going to send to the other camps I have planned for him this summer and pray it helps him get over this social anxiety.

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