Saturday, February 8, 2014

One month later

Wow where did the month of January go?!?!?! Well it has been one month since I started my new year new healthier me journey. It has been going well I have kept up with the work outs and by the end of week 5 of Alpha round of T25 I was even doing most of the exercises without modifying! I am down 4 inches off my waist and hips, down 1/2 inch in my arms, down an inch in the chest and up a half inch in my legs but I can see muscle definition on my legs! I am only down 3 pounds and that had me all worked up but then I look at my inches lost and that what has been keeping me motivated! So I have decided for the next month I am not weighing myself. I am hiding the scale and just looking at the measuring tape! One thing I have to work on this next month is food. I have to clean up our eating and go back to a more paleo diet. I have to learn ways to work past my craving and not give into them! Ok back to meal planning for the week and helping T finish his class Valentines. But before I go here is my split pic from the start date and one month.
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