Saturday, March 8, 2014

60 days later.......

Wow I can hardly believe it has been 60 days since I started with Beach Body and T25 . I feel like the past 60 days have flown by thanks to the challenge group I was part of through my coach and friend Leigh. I loved it so much I became a coach as well! Over the course of the 60 days I have come to realize it is not all about the scale. There is so much more to look at like how my clothes are fitting, how my waist went DOWN 5 inches!!!! 5 inches!!! I can't tell you if I lost weight, gained muscle weight or stayed the same because like I said I gave up on the scale. I am very happy with what the measuring tape is telling and it my new BFF! I have also realized over the 60 days how important food is to making these changes. We are eating cleaner and healthier then ever! So here is a collage of day 1(pink shirt), day 30 (grey shirt) and day 60 (black shirt).
Now that my 60 day are up with T25 I am planning on Hip Hop Abs until my order comes for Les Mills Pump arrives! I used to attend Les Mills Body Pump at the gym at least once a week before I got pregnant with C. I am excited to have the program at home so I can actually get back to that workout! I also think that Pump will be a great workout for my husband to do at home since he is having trouble getting the gym. He is lucky if he makes it once a week and that is usually the he works out with a trainer. Looking forward to more changes to come to my body and to our eating! Thanks for stopping in!

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