Saturday, June 21, 2014

It is not all about what the scale says.......

So I had my quarterly appointment with my nurse practitioner recently to go over my blood work. I get my blood drawn like clock work every three months to see where my number are for my Type 2 diabetes and they also keep track of my cholesterol because those weren't looking great. I seriously thought I was going to get bad news and that my A1C was up, my cholesterol was up etc. I actually thought about skipping this quarter so I could try harder over the next few months. Instead I got a great report bad cholesterol down by 5 and triglycerides down by 10. That means I am back in normal range for those! Plus my fasting blood sugar down by 10, and A1C was the same. I am still considered pre diabetic but it's better then being diabetic like I have been since November 2009. I was floored. I really was speechless and those that know me I like to talk..... a LOT. It was my AH HA moment the scale doesn't mean squat. I am getting healthier I have proof in my blood work and when I measure myself. I know one day the scale will go down but that is no longer important to me. This proves that all the extra money I spend to eat clean is working and becoming a Beachbody coach and follow the path of becoming fit is working and no matter how much it costs for whole foods, shakeology, new beachbody fitness programs I buy is all priceless to me as long as my numbers keep going down.

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