Thursday, April 3, 2014

21 Day Fix

After I finishedFocus T25 I was like what am I going to do next?!?!? I am totally addicted to working out each day and keeping our eating cleaning. My answer come to me in the form of the new Beachbody program the 21 Day Fix. This program peaked my interest a food plan that is measured out in containers that are provided and 7 day work out plan. Sounds good to me. I was like I am in! I had to wait to get my order which was fine because a challenge group was forming with some of the ladies I meet since starting this weight loss journey and joined Beachbody. I started Monday and it has been awesome! I had not weighted myself in almost 6 weeks because I gave up on the scale but I got one to see where I was at and what my starting weight was so I would have it to compare to my day 21 weight. I got on the today for the first time since Monday and I am down 3 pounds and about 2 inches already! Hoping I keep close to this pace for the next 17 days! Here are my before pictures!
Check back in 3 weeks to see the results! Thanks for reading!

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